Muscular Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a popular Eastern practice that helps promote muscular healing.  We'll offer you acupuncture if this treatment will help aid your particular condition and to ensure a speedy recovery.

Injury Rehab Programmes

Because sports injury rehab is our specialism, we'll create a rehab programme tailored to your particular injury. We help sports people of all ages and abilities get back to full fitness, including runners, footballers, weight lifters and golfers.  

Sports Massage

We'll provide you with immediate treatment using our machines and soothing massage techniques and offer you advice to help prevent reoccurrence.


Suffering with aches and pains or a sports injury? We have the drive to get you back on your feet again with our friendly expert and personal service.


We offer a range or treatments and will tailor your treatment and injury rehab programme to meet your individual needs. Whatsmore, if we need to refer you for further diagnostics or surgery, we'll make sure you see the very best medical specialists in the South. 


Recovery Drive is a friendly, local business serving local people at an affordable price, based in the heart of Portslade. We also have handy free parking, so call us to make an appointment and we look forward to getting you on the road to recovery!

Welcome to Recovery Drive

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